The majority religion in India, Hinduism is more of a way of life than a religion. Its tolerance and flexibility has helped to
preserve its sanctity under successive invasions and to embrace alien beliefs. There is no specific God-belief in
Hinduism as all beliefs in a Supreme Being are generally accepted and tolerated.

In Hinduism there are four reasons for life:
  1. Dharma - fulfilling one's purpose
  2. Artha - prosperity
  3. Kama - desire, sexuality, enjoyment
  4. Moksha - enlightenment

Of its most universal and fundamental beliefs is "karma". This refers to the belief that one's moral actions have
unavoidable and automatic effects on one's fortunes in this life and condition of rebirth in the next life. Dating back 2,500
to 3,400 years, the main divine principle of Hinduism is that God is one, but his avatars or incarnations are many.
The Experiences of Life
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