Sub-Sahara Africa is home to a race given the name of the continent itself.

Scientists believe the dark skin helped protect against skin cancer that develops as a result of ultraviolet light radiation,
causing mutations in the skin. Dark skin prevents an essential B vitamin, folate, from being destroyed. Therefore, in the
absence of modern medicine and diet, a person with dark skin in the tropics would live longer, be more healthy and more likely
to reproduce than a person with light skin.

Africa was the home to slave trade with millions of Africans captured and forcibly transported to other countries around the
world. Today there are three global recognitions:
  • African: citizens of African nations.
  • African-American: those living in North or South American that are not of Caribbean decent.
  • African-Caribbean: those living in the Caribbean region of with ancestry in the Caribbean region.
Character Factor: Determined by Birth
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