Born in 1942, Elaine is proof that generational peers can be a more powerful
influence than parents. She says she now understands "I was formed more by my
cultural/societal influences than by my parents." This is a key learning moment that
helps individuals realize how they feel about working with members of other

Australian Baby Boomer Work Ethic
She learned that "any work available was worth doing" and "all work was
honourable". By giving it her best and dedicating herself her be a great employee
she would be "rewarded by promotion". Of course A good days work earned a good
days pay.

Gender Equality in Australia
"A man or woman was worthy of his or her hire," says Elaine. "As a woman I worked harder to be acknowledged. I
had the education but had to 'battle' my way through the ranks."It was a good experience for her as she learned "to
present myself in a way that was not confronting to men but made them WANT to promote me."

She felt that as an Australian women she was "able to work [her] way through the ranks. Paper
qualifications were not necessarily required - experience was."

With hard work she was able to excel.

Final Reflections
"I have had very rewarding life - career wise. I believe that it was due to the time I was born in. I have been a
Jill of all trades and have been able to be a mistress of all of them."
The Experiences of Life
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