The first generation of the 21st century, the Millennial Generation, is still developing a personality.

Early indicators point to this as being one of the most optimistic generations to ever live.

This web page is sparser than the other generations as the body of knowledge concerning this
generation is still being formed and validated. However what we do know is shown below:
Impact on a generation

Historical Events
  • In most of the world, including the
    United States, the current majority race
    will cease to be the majority.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Translucent concrete
  • Self Cleaning windows

  • Bollywood
  • Pod casts
  • Web-vision
  • Virtual reality
  • Techno remix
View of Money as a Motivator
Millennial members are still using the money of their parents.
Generational Liabilities
Here are some key assets exhibited by a majority of this
  • None identified as yet
View of Career
This generation is still in school, several years from considering
career objectives.
Defining a Generation
Generation: Millennials
Determined by Birth
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